How to Create a Booklet in Microsoft Word?

MS Word is a mighty tool for processing text and graphical content. It also allows one to make a small booklet or a full-length book. The best thing about MS Word is you don’t need any high-level formatting knowledge to create booklets in it. With the help of a simple guide, you can create a unique and attractive booklet for your business or just for fun. 

How to Make Your Own Booklets in Word? 

We have divided the full process into different steps to make it easier for you to understand it. 

Follow the steps written below to learn how to design excellent booklets on Microsoft word:

Step 1

  1. Launch the Word application on your computer. 
  2. Now write a page of text just for sample, or you can copy some content and then paste it here. 
  3. Go to the Page Layout option in the upper navigation menu. 
  4. Tap the tiny icon located on the lower-left to open the Page Setup settings. 

Step 2 

  1. Head to the Margins option from the upper menu. 
  2. Click on the drop-down menu situated in the front of “Multiple Pages.”
  3. Select the “Book fold” style. 
  4. Under the Orientation subheading, choose the landscape option. 

Step 3

In this step, you need to tweak the Gutter adjustments.  

  1. Go to the Page Layout tab and then click on the Margins icon.
  2. Choose custom margins and then find the Gutter option. 
  3. The default unit is 0, and you need to make it at least 1. 
  4. To do so, click on the small upper direction arrow button located next to the Gutter option. 
  5. Press the OK button. 

Step 4

  1. In the Page Setup options, tap Paper. 
  2. Now choose the paper size that your printer supports from the Paper Size drop-down menu. 

Step 5 

Press the OK button located on the bottom. Now the actual format of the booklet will be settled up on your screen. You can create the content for our brochure and then also draw some graphics for the booklet. Once that is done, you can add all content in a tidy manner. 

Pro Tip: If you want to create a comic booklet, then try to draw characters for your comic using the professional graphics designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and MS Paint 3D. 

How to Print the MS Word Booklet Like a Pro? 

  1. Open the booklet file and then hit the Ctrl + P keys on your keyboard to trigger print options. (if you own a Mac then press Cmd + P keys)
  2. Go to the settings and tweak printing preferences according to your printer.
  3. Once that is done, click OK. 
  4. Hit the Print button. 

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